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‚Äčkilyb0x is what we call it but we didn't invent it. kilyb0x takes the high tech world of a hand held computer and makes it fun and saves you money. Don't think of us as technical support, we are internet and things that charge and plug in support. We can walk you through the process of checking your email, activating a phone, ideas on saving $ on your cell phone bill and other solutions. We call it our "iT'sOn" support package. We preload kilyb0x with a Media player that gives you access to your WHOLE media library in one place. We offer this support around the idea that technology has got out of hand.


$800 for a "high end" cell phone, $1500 for a laptop. $100-?? for a tablet, $$??wifi hotspot device, $5000 whole home smart setup, $5000 whole home digital audio, $75 per month cell phone

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The kilyb0x can do ALL of these things and MUCH more. Buy one for $249, it comes with one year of  internet and "iT'sOn" support. If you just want internet and "iT'sOn" support access the cost is $30 per  month. The standalone plan includes vip phone support. we walk you through it all. Most people still save money in a year with our $30 vip support plan.

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